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The Product

Signature is a new venture for Allianz Worldwide Care as it is a UK private medical insurance (PMI) plan, which is also described as one of the most comprehensive and transparent PMI plans on the market. The plan is available in Signature Plus and Signature Prime versions.

Benefit                                            Plus                Prime

Max annual benefit                            £5m               £2m

In/day-patient benefits                       Full                 Full

Including psychiatry/
psychotherapy                                 £25,000          Nil

Outpatient surgery                            Full                Full

Nursing at home/
convalescent home                          £3,000           £1,000

Rehabilitation treatment                    £3,000           Nil

and MRI scans/oncology                   Full                Full

Complications of pregnancy               Full                Nil

Long-term care                                30 days           Nil
(lifetime max)

Inpatient cash benefit per                   £200             £200
night (max 25)

Claim form completion                        £25              Nil

Incidental charges                              £100            Nil
(e.g. newspapers, parking)

Full refund is given for elective overseas treatment. On Plus plans, emergency overseas treatment is covered, with a 42 day cap, and up to £2,000 expenses for an accompanying person. On both plans there is a £7,000 repatriation of mortal remains benefit.

Optional add-ons include:

  • Outpatient benefits (full refund on Plus, £2K a year on Prime) with limits on some benefits on Prime plans.
  • Up to £5,000 for maternity and full refund on in-patient on complications of childbirth on Plus plans only.
  • Up to £550 for health assessments (including cancer screening) on Plus plans.
  • GP benefits up to £1,000 for Plus and £500 for Prime, with some sub limits.
  • Dental and optical plan. This pays up to £2,000 for Plus or £1,000 for Prime. Dental benefits are up to 100% refund on Plus and 80% on Prime plans. Optical benefits are up to £200 per annum on Plus plans only.

Inpatient deductibles of £0, £100, £250 and £500 are available. Customers can choose to have treatment in the UK or abroad. Plans also cover both chronic conditions  (including ongoing maintenance and routine monitoring) and licensed cancer treatments, even if not NICE approved. Allianz Worldwide Care says it pays for cancer treatment as long as medically necessary, even if the cancer is terminal. There is a choice of three hospital networks, with direct settlement for all UK hospitals.


  • UK PMI plan with many international PMI level benefits.
  • Various options to match cover to need and budget.
  • A new market for Allianz Worldwide Care and, in effect, the launch of a new UK PMI provider.


  • Allianz Worldwide Care is known primarily as a non-UK PMI provider.
  • Expensive if all options chosen.
  • Limits on some benefits and an overall maximum benefit.

8 out of 10

SELECT THIS FOR... UK-based clients who want high levels of cover and more than a typical UK PMI plan would offer.

The Company

Allianz Worldwide Care is the international private medical insurance arm of the global Allianz group. Based in Dublin, AWC claims a 95% customer retention rate.

Contact Details


Telephone: See website for most appropriate numbers.

The Literature

See website for details.

What They Say

Director of sales, marketing and operations, Claude Daboul, said: “When designing Signature, we took a client-centric approach from the outset and undertook a thorough review of what was available in the market. The competition among employers for senior talent is fierce, and being able to offer a top-end employee benefit such as Signature can make all the difference in terms of attracting and retaining key staff.”

What We Say

Andy Couchman Andy Couchman

"Some iPMI providers already allow their plans to be sold to UK workers, but Allianz Worldwide Care has gone a stage further by launching a dedicated UK PMI plan, but with many of the [wider] benefits typically built into an iPMI plan.

"The plan offers very high benefits and the flexibility to tailor cover to need and it is good to see a major global player re-entering the UK market."

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"We are - whatever some might say - a nation with an 'insurance mentality'. So why aren't people buying?" Peter Le Beau