Bupa Select


The Product

Select is Bupa’s community-rated SME offering and it has been updated to simplify and enhance it, with a new range of additional options created. The plan has three tiers – Key, Enhanced and Complete and maximum annual benefits are:

Benefit                             Key         Enhanced     Complete

In/day patient treatment    Full           Full                  Full

Outpatient cover              £1,000     £1,500             Full

Complementary                £250*     £1,50*              Full

Hospital access              Partnership  Partnership   Participating

Mental health (all plans)     45 days in or outpatient

* Within the annual outpatient limit

All plans also include:

Cancer cover at every stage with no financial limits.
Home nursing up to £2,000 a year.
Ambulance cover up to £80 per trip, with no annual limit.
NHS cash benefit of £50 a night up to 35 nights.
NHS cancer cash benefit, £100 a day (unlimited).
Access to Bupa’s Health Line 24/7.
Excesses of £0, £100 (the default option), £150, £200 and £500 are available.

Bupa has a network of accredited centres for breast, bowel and gynaecological cancers, specialist support teams and a treatment options service. Its cancer promise covers employees without financial or time limits, provided that a fee assured consultant and hospital within the chosen network are selected.

Six week schemes and different tiers for different employees can be chosen. Optionally, clients can add optical, accidental dental injury and prescription cash benefit, family cash benefit (£200 per birth/adoption) and island cover (for residents of Jersey, Isle of Man and Guernsey).

Pricing is based on group size, location, product/benefits chosen and underwriting status. Underwriting options available are full medical underwriting, moratorium (with a two year rolling period), medical history disregarded and switching from another insurer. The latter is available on a no further underwriting, group secretary medical declaration (five medical questions) or ex-Bupa group basis (for some recent ex-Bupa customers). The plan is available to groups of 2-250.

The website includes Bupa’s Intercom intermediary site and a range of facilities to support brokers.


  • Proven product from the big brand market leader.
  • Now simplified and with new options.
  • Available from just two employees.


  • Some old options are no longer available.
  • Some deals are only available by agreeing to use Partnership providers and other restrictions.
  • Outpatient and complementary therapies restricted on Key and Enhanced plans.

8 out of 10

SELECT THIS FOR... SMEs that want PMI cover.

The Company

Bupa is the UK’s largest private medical insurer, and now a major global player too. It says its purpose is to help people lead longer, healthier, happier lives. In the UK it has 37,000 business customers.

Contact Details

Website: www.bupa.co.uk/select

Telephone: See website for most appropriate numbers.

The Literature

See website for details.

What They Say

Director of SME Christine Stewart said: “The enhancements we have made to Bupa Select give businesses the flexibility to balance their needs and budgets without being constrained by rigid packages. We know that choosing insurance can be complicated so we have made Bupa select even simpler to understand and customise.”

What We Say

Andy Couchman Andy Couchman

"Bupa says its changes to Select are based on feedback from intermediaries and customers and certainly, the revised product now offers straightforward choices that should suit most SMEs.

"There are some restrictions to get the best deals (e.g. having to use Partnership hospitals on Key and Enhanced plans) but increasingly such measures are deemed necessary by many if costs are to be controlled in the long term. Also, there are over 300 Partnership hospitals (although the Participating network has twice as many). One interesting feature of the plan is paying double the normal NHS cash benefit if cancer treatment is through the NHS.

"Many intermediaries will have been annoyed at Bupa effectively pulling out of the individual intermediary sector, but its SME and other plans are still likely to be high on many brokers’ and clients’ lists."

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