The Product

Passport2Health is a new product and provider, aiming to give private medical insurance (PMI) benefits, but at a lower premium. It achieves this by the customer having treatment overseas rather than in the UK. This can result in savings of 30-50%, the company says. Cover costs from £19 a month.

The plan is available to individuals and to SMEs and the main plan benefits are:

Benefit                                   Limit per person pa

Private consultations,               £1,300

MRI, CT and PET scans            Full cover

Travel benefits while abroad      Full cover

Inpatient benefits                     Full cover

Post-operative benefits             Full cover

Serious complications after       Full cover
return to UK

NHS hospital cash                   £250/night for three nights;
                                              then £100/night thereafter
                                              to a maximum of £3,000/year

Travel insurance                      Full cover

Where this plan is really different is that, after the patient sees a specialist in the UK who diagnoses the condition, the treatment is then organised by Passport2Health in an international hospital. The company has established a network of European hospitals and includes hospitals outside Europe. It also organises concierge travel (including arrangements for those who prefer not to fly) plus necessary accommodation for patients and for someone to travel with them.

Rehabilitation and post-operative treatment are included within the plan, with integration back into the UK healthcare system arranged with the patient’s GP.

Exclusions include cancer (although some diagnostic costs are covered) and pregnancy and childbirth. Outpatient treatment without an inpatient stay is also effectively not usually covered. Meals and incidental costs while travelling are half board and travel is economy class.

For individuals, full medical underwriting, moratorium or continued personal medical exclusions for switch business is available.


  • New provider to the market, but with an experienced team behind it.
  • The prospect of significant long-term cost savings with no loss of quality.
  • Straightforward plan benefits.


  • How many people will be happy to have overseas treatment, especially if they have no cultural connection to the treatment country?
  • Cancer and some other cover exclusions or limits.
  • Relatively low outpatient benefits.

7 out of 10

SELECT THIS FOR... Clients who want PMI and who are happy to travel abroad for treatment.

The Company

Passport2Health is run by CEO Frank Levene (whose background includes being a past director at Bupa). Its medical director is Richard Dale MB, BS, FRCS, COO is JoAnna Bowles (ex-Aviva and Nationwide); sales and marketing director James Davies (ex-sales director at Standard Life Healthcare and PruHealth), head of underwriting and product development Anne Vorley (also ex-Standard Life Healthcare and PruHealth) and non-executive director is Alex Ballantyne who built

The plan is underwritten by Sirius Lloyd’s Syndicate 1945 and administered by Advent Solutions Management Ltd. The concierge travel service is provided by Ten Group and medical aspects of the customer journey are arranged by Europ Assistance Holdings Ltd.

Contact Details


Telephone: See website for most appropriate numbers.

The Literature

See website for details.

What They Say

CEO and founder Frank Levene said: “For years, millions of people in this country have gone without health insurance for themselves and their families, but with Passport2Health they can now afford to take advantage of the same high quality healthcare enjoyed by our European neighbours.”

What We Say

Andy Couchman Andy Couchman

"This plan is an exciting development, as it opens up the concept of people choosing PMI treatment abroad in order to save money without sacrificing quality. The difficult logistics are handled by the provider rather than the patient, with initial diagnosis and follow-up usually in the UK.

"The real tests are twofold. First, will it work and deliver the cost savings envisaged? Second, will enough people be happy to go abroad for treatment?

We assume that Passport2Health has done its homework [and Frank Levene and team are pretty experienced in this sector], so that leaves the second question. If your client falls into that category, then look at this plan; if not, it will be hard to convince them to change."

Game-changers worth investing in?

"Can we grow the individual PMI market?" Peter Le Beau