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The Product

Prestige Plus is AXA PPP International’s new top of the range international private medical insurance (iPMI) plan for individuals or groups. It provides an extensive range of benefits including:

  • Cover for chronic conditions such as cancer and diabetes.
  • Palliative care cover to prolong life or to relieve symptoms.
  • Up to £12,000 (or the equivalent in US dollars or Euros) for pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Up to £200 a year towards the cost of prescription glasses or contact lenses.
  • Up to £2,000 for out of area cover for emergency out-patient treatment received in the US.
  • Routine dental care, such as check-ups, scale and polish and fillings.
  • Other non-common benefits include Chinese herbal medicine (up to 15 sessions), vaccinations and a health check benefit.
  • There is also a range of support services, including telephone interpretation (eg of medical paperwork); MyGlobe (country information and help); an iPhone app (giving access to hospital information and claiming by mobile), and Medix case management (in effect providing a no cost second opinion and support). International travel insurance is also included.
  • Overall individual policy limit is £3m per year.

Inpatient psychiatric cover is limited to 100 days per lifetime membership. Out-patient visits are limited to 30 psychiatric, 35 physiotherapy and 35 complementary practitioner sessions and there is a £500 limit on vaccinations. Some other limits also apply.

The plan has two geographical area options (worldwide with or without the US) and four cover options (Standard, Comprehensive, Prestige and the new Prestige Plus). One of five excess options can be chosen (from £100 to £2,000) to reduce premiums and benefits and premiums can be in pounds Sterling, US dollars or Euros.


  • AXA PPP’s most comprehensive iPMI cover.
  • Simple options.
  • Good range of support services too.


  • Just two geographic areas could mean some customers paying more than they might were more areas available (but equally, some could be paying less).
  • More options would allow greater scope to meet specific needs and budgets.
  • Many people may now be looking more for budget cover rather than more expensive cover.

8 out of 10

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The Company

AXA PPP International is the international health arm of the giant international AXA group. AXA has over 50 million customers throughout the world and approximately 110,000 employees and distributors worldwide, working in around 50 countries. AXA PPP International was created in 2009, but PPP traces its history back to 1938, when it was the London Association for Hospital Services.

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The Literature

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What They Say

Sales and marketing director Kevin Melton said: “Prestige Plus represents a significant addition to our range of international healthcare plans. The enhanced benefits reflect the feedback we’ve received form intermediaries and recognise the need for a plan that sits at the top of our product range for clients who want more from their medical insurer.”

What We Say

Andy Couchman Andy Couchman

"What Prestige Plus offers is the opportunity to have the highest level of cover, and will therefore appeal to those who want the best or most comprehensive cover. With global pressures on salaries and bonuses, choosing this level of cover could also appeal to those for whom higher salary is not an option.

"The plan certainly provides very extensive cover, but it is also simple, with relatively few options. The range of what might be termed support services is also very good, providing practical help to people who are not only busy but usually operating a long way from home. The website is good too."

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