Product Review of the Month

Relevant Life Insurance

Ageas Protect

Ageas Protect’s new individual policy provides relevant life insurance for employees outside a group scheme, allowing both employer and employee to benefit from the tax reliefs larger schemes enjoy. Both the employer and the employee must be resident in the UK. The policy pays out a lump sum on...

Locum Insurance

Practice Cover

This plan is short-term income protection (IP) insurance just for GPs, dentists, opticians, vets and others in the health sector such as practice staff. Locum cover has long been offered by conventional IP insurers but often is expensive and complex, while not always meeting the specific needs...

InterGlobal UltraCare


In November, InterGlobal announced higher benefit levels for its UltraCare iPMI plans, especially for cancer, and in January it announced premiums will rise below medical inflation for the second successive year. All plan overall limits have been raised for 2014, by between 50% and 135%. The...

Critical Illness Cover


Aviva’s latest critical illness (CI) changes focus on those critical illnesses that are responsible for the vast majority of CI claims. Other changes have also been made and in total include: * The definitions for stroke and multiple sclerosis (MS) have been widened in order to pay even more...



April UK has teamed with hospital group Spire Healthcare to introduce inSpire, a private medical insurance (PMI) plan for individuals and families aged 16-74. Launched on 14 January, it provides insured private healthcare at all Spire hospitals across the UK. There is one cover level –...

Tony Levene: Lack of choice - the only aspect of private healthcare that is truly transparent

"The Competition Commission's market investigation is unlikely to change much for customers" Tony Levene