Think tank calls for end to consultant private practice

Report by the Bevan Foundation claims consultant private practice puts profit before patients' interests

A report published by Welsh think tank the Bevan Foundation has called for an end to consultant private practice and the GP's role as independent contractor.

In ‘A New Path Entirely’, Dr Julian Tudor Hart says both of these practices put private profit ahead of patients’ interests.

Retired GP Dr Tudor Hart argues that with the Health and Social Care Act in England now on the statute book, it is time for the NHS in Wales to take a radically different course.

He says the NHS must become a comprehensive ‘cradle to grave’ service rather than being limited to demand-led clinical medicine, which he believes could help attract young healthcare professionals wanting to work in health delivered as a public service.

Dr Tudor Hart said: “As the UK shadow cabinet continues to dither in their response to the reforms in England, it will be up to Wales to lead the way in continuing Aneurin Bevan’s dream to end trade in healthcare as a profitable commodity.”

The report is available here.

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