Unions stage 'broken heart' Valentine’s Day protest over NHS reforms

Prime Minister set to respond as pressure mounts

Downing Street saw Union leaders stage a "broken heart" protest today as the Government's proposed health reforms continue to come under pressure.

A giant broken heart symbol was held up in Whitehall as union officials called again on ministers to scrap the Bill.

The Health and Social Care Bill will lead to thousands of job losses at "colossal" cost to the taxpayer as well as bringing wholesale competition to the NHS, Unions said.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister David Cameron received a letter yesterday signed by 400 health professionals demanding that he scrap the reforms.

In a letter to the Prime Minister, GPs, surgeons, psychiatrists and other clinicians urged him to put the health Bill "out of its misery", the Mirror reports.

The letter urging David Cameron to ditch his plans was organised by Dr Kailash Chand OBE, chairman of a Manchester NHS trust due to be abolished.

Cameron is understood to be visiting a hospital tomorrow in a high profile attempt to win the public relations battle over the reforms.

The past week has seen his Health Secretary Andrew Lansley come under intense pressure over his handling of the proposed changes.

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