GPs: Patients waste our time with minor issues

Patients have 'unrealistic' expectations of health

Is health education at work the answer?

Patients are wasting GPs' time by booking appointments for minor issues that could be dealt with at home, according to a survey by Aviva.

Only a quarter of GPs' time with patients is spent on problems that require a doctor's attention, according to the insurer's poll of 208 GPs.

Nearly half of GPs (48%) feel that a significant amount of their time is spent dealing with patients who do not look after themselves while more than three quarters (78%) are concerned that their patients have unrealistic expectations in relation to their own health and the support available from their GP.

GPs told Aviva that health education for individuals and employers could improve patients' experience of the NHS.

Many health and protection insurers provide online information about a range of medical conditions, including mental health issues, designed to help employers and employees understand and manage common problems.

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