In Focus: Large corporate healthcare - a market in need of some new ideas

This March Aviva UK Health introduced MyHealthCounts for Business for PMI schemes with above 250 lives – a chargeable standalone health risk assessment programme that aims to provide employers with a tangible return within one year. The pricing structure encourages companies to drive engagement and good health outcomes to degrees that achieve sufficiently high uptake.

Using the same Q Score system that underpins Aviva UK Health’s individual MyHealthCounts service, introduced in June 2009, it gives companies access to a wide range of reports and insights to help them identify their key health risks. It also recommends appropriate interventions to help them effectively manage and improve their employees’ health.

For a very low cost, employers can purchase a core package of benefits that includes an online health risk assessment, health reporting and choice of internal communications materials.

The core package can be further complemented by two additional services, which can be funded by employer or employee. The Knowledge Package is a personal health check to measure the employee’s BMI, resting heart rate, cholesterol level, blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and the Activity Package is a kinetic activity monitor to measure the intensity of exercise and the impact it is having.

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