HI Profile: Kevin Amphlett

“My other real option would be a listing, although since the markets are in such a flux at the moment, I haven’t given that much consideration yet. At some stage in the future, yes, it’s likely that I’ll sell up. But there are various options I could take. I could take a back seat role and employ a managing director, for example. But it’s likely that we’ll be subject to a trade sale.”

However, today would be the “wrong time” to sell, Amphlett continues. “I’d always be thinking ‘if we had just held on for another couple of years we could have doubled up’,” he says.

As Amphlett prepares to leave for another meeting, you get the impression that he will be in business for more than a “couple” of years yet and the journey ahead is going to be – if not bumpy – then at least a lively ride.

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