Sitting next to window 'boosts office workers' productivity'

Oxford neuroscientist says exposure to light makes people happier and sharper

Office workers who sit next to the window as they work are often more productive than colleagues who spend the day further away from daylight.

Scientists say that sitting next to the office window could in fact double workers’ alertness and make them happier.

Speaking at the at Cheltenham Science Festival this week, Oxford University neuroscientist Russell Foster said exposure to bright light helps us to regulate sleep, boosts our mood and even raises our productivity levels.

Sitting next to the office window on a sunny day can help double an individual’s alertness compared to those stuck in the middle of a room under artificial lights, he said.

Studies have linked light to the release of the hormone serotonin which may explain why the majority of people enjoy being out in the sunshine, the Daily Mail reports.

Foster said: “If you do not get any other light during the day, make sure you get out and experience morning light, which help set the body clock. Outside light is bright enough to do the job, even on a dim day.

“But the brightness of the day affects how much light enters your home or office. This can have a real impact on the quality of your sleep and this has a knock-on effect on your brain function. The better light, the better sleep, the sharper you are.”

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