Cutting-edge health screening and assessment clinic opens in heart of the City

Corporate clients stand to benefit from 'biochip' technology, backers say

A state-of-the-art clinic providing health screening and medical assessment services officially opened in the City last night and pledged to offer ‘life-saving’ tests to employees from corporate clients in London and beyond.

The Randox Health Checks clinic at Finsbury Circus, just beside Liverpool Street station, welcomed its first clients this morning, offering tests which cover up to 250 individual symptom checks using ‘biochip’ technology.

According to Randox, the technology behind the tests means that it offers the most comprehensive test menu on the market and compares to existing providers which typically offer between 10-40 checks.

The health screening available at the clinic is based primarily on blood analysis and provides individuals with information about their current and future health status. Employers can receive detailed, anonymous data analysis about their workforce’s health in order to direct resources where required and tailor wellness and intervention programmes accordingly.

Randox, which already operates clinics in Northern Ireland, said its patented biochip technology identifies precursors of a range of life-threatening and preventable conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and liver disease long before symptoms arise, allowing individuals to take action through improving their diet and lifestyle or seeking medical intervention.

The Finsbury Circus clinic also provides what Randox claims to be the world’s first diagnostic stress check, developed after a joint study with The Karolinska Institute.

Assessments can be conducted in the clinic or on-site at the workplace, both locally and internationally, to encourage employee uptake and provide minimal disruption to working days. Packages can also be customised according to budget and the demographic needs of the workforce, Randox said.

Valerie Phillips, head of business at Randox Health Checks in London, said the organisation’s aim is to provide employers with a “data-driven” diagnostic screening service which prevents costly long-term sickness absence and helps to determine return on investment in health and wellness programmes.

Intermediaries with corporate clients are welcome to visit the clinic which could prove invaluable as both an employee and employer benefit, she added.

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