HCA to take stake in Blossoms Healthcare

Hospital group makes another move into occupational health and primary care

HCA International, the hospital group which owns a number of healthcare facilities in London, is making a financial investment in Blossoms Healthcare, the provider of primary care and occupational health services.

Health Insurance understands that Blossoms Healthcare LLP has officially agreed terms with HCA that will see the latter become a formal shareholder of the business.

The Blossoms leadership team of Dr Nigel Smith, Dr Albert Ferrante and Magnus Kauders are remaining with the business and said they are “keen to realise the opportunities to improve care outcomes that the investment represents”.

HCA owns six private hospitals and ten outpatient and diagnostic centres in and around London. Last year it acquired Rood Lane Medical Group (Roodlane), which competes with Blossoms in the primary care and occupational health sector.

That acquisition had prompted suggestions – rejected by those involved – that Roodlane, which, like Blossoms, runs GP and screening services, would increase the number of patients it refers to HCA.

Blossoms’ commercial director Kauders, though, stressed that his organisation would remain an independent business following the investment by HCA and it “cherished” its independence.

Kauders added that he is “really pleased” with the investment as HCA is a “world-class business with an exceptional track record in innovation and customer care”.

He said: “We see this as the best of both worlds. We will retain all that is good about the Blossoms ethos, while gaining access to resources and leading-edge expertise. We cherish our independence and Blossoms remains an independent business, a Limited Liability Partnership, with the same legal status as yesterday.”

Blossoms Healthcare owns clinical facilities in the City of London, Canary Wharf, London Bridge, Birmingham and Edinburgh. It employs 15 doctors, 10 nurses and delivers over 45,000 health assessments and GP consultations every year.

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