People living longer and in better health

Long Term Care

Women spending longer periods than men in poorer health

People are spending longer periods of their longer lives without a limiting chronic illness or disability, according to new figures from the Office for National Statistics.

A girl born today can expect to live for 82 years, three-quarters (76%) of which she will enjoy in good general health (ie until the age of 75). She will be free of disability until the age of 65.

A boy born today can expect to live for 77 years and enjoy good general health for 82% of this time (until the age of 63). He will be disability free until the age of 63.

At age 65, women can expect to live for another 12 years in good general health and 11 free from disability. Men of this age, on average, live for another ten years in good general health and free from disability.

The figures show that both men and women are now spending a larger amount of their live free from disability than in the past, despite the fact that both are living for longer. However, women tend to spend longer periods of their lives in poorer health.

These statistics are reflected in the premiums charged by immediate needs annuities providers, which fund the long-term care of primarily female clients.




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