Scot Prov reveals CI stats for 2011

Life/Critical Illness

91% of claims paid

Scottish Provident paid out 91% of critical illness (CI) claims in 2011, slightly up from 90% in 2010, the provider said this week.

Scot Prov said that it turned down just 2% of claims for non-disclosure, down from 3% in 2010.

A total of £90m was paid out in CI claims, with the average payout standing at £82,000, slightly down from 2010. The largest payout was just over £945,000, again slightly down from the previous year.

Cancer remained the top reason for making a claim, accounting for over half of all claims (63% in 2010). A total of 33 different types of cancer were claimed for and a third of all cancer claims were for breast cancer.  

Over £1m was paid out in children's CI cover, a similar number to 2010.

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