Millions planning to leave money to family – and pets – but have no will in place

People urged to seek professional advice before it's too late

It is not just family that people in the UK want to leave money for after they pass away, but their pets too, according to a survey published today.

A study carried out by, the professional advice website, suggests that more than one in four (27%) UK adults hope to leave enough money for their family or pets to live comfortably after they are gone. However, millions of people up and down the country have not made a will that will make sure their money goes where they want it to.

The study, carried out to promote the website’s annual “Write a Will Week” campaign, shows that nearly one in five (19%) people would like to boost their child or grandchild's savings, and 15% hope to leave enough for their loved ones to be able to put a deposit on a house. With rising tuition fees, more than one in ten (11%) would like to fund their child through university, compared to just 7% who want to pay for their child or grandchild's wedding.

Karen Barrett, chief executive of, said that the research reveals that while people have a clear idea of what they want to leave, and to whom, after they pass away, millions are still neglecting to write a will and make their plans official by writing a will. She urged people to seek professional advice from a solicitor or through the guidance of an IFA.

The survey, of more than 2,000 people, suggests that while 63% expect to leave a property to family, friends, or charities, 29.5 million UK adults do not have a will in place.

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