Health still on back burner for Brits one year ahead of Olympics

Half of people aware they neglect their health

Almost half of all people in the UK are aware that they neglect their health yet a third of the nation admits to being more concerned about it than anything else.

The second annual Scottish Widows Priorities of Life Index suggests that 22 million Brits (45%) admit to neglecting their fitness. But with 35% of the population estimated to be more worried about neglecting their health than anything else, just one in 10 said the one thing they want more time for in their lives is exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

Of those who do not spend enough time keeping healthy, 39% admit this is because they are simply not worried enough about their health at the moment, 24% will always put their family's health needs over their own, and 23% will only start to pay attention towards their body if they get seriously ill.

Thirty seven per cent of respondents said they do not have enough time to exercise regularly, while 31% say it is not a priority at the moment and a similar number (30%) say they do not enjoy it. Nearly a fifth (21%) said they found it difficult to afford a gym membership.

The survey results, carried out on three separate occasions between September last year and April of this year, were published today, exactly one year ahead of the launch of the 2012 Olympics in London.

Roger Black MBE, Scottish Widows Ambassador for the London 2012 Games, and Olympic medal winner, said that while the sports event had helped to raise people’s awareness of the importance of exercise and healthy living, many still do not feel able to prioritise it highly enough.

“It's not only the adults that are suffering – as a nation we are passing our bad habits down to our children<” he warned.

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