In focus: International PMI - Everybody’s talking about it

VANBREDA INTERNATIONAL created partnerships in the UAE in February 2009 and in Kenya in April 2009 and established an office in Dubai March 2009. In April 2009 it also created a broker support division in its Antwerp head office to react to increased international business from the UK.

WILLIAM RUSSELL reports significantly increased in business from Dubai in 2009 as a result of its partnership with Dubai Insurance Company formed in June 2008.

When Gavin Broad, a British expat working in Thailand, took his wife to hospital to give birth, he never expected to end up in the bed next to hers. But that is exactly what happened when, on going out for a meal to celebrate the birth, he found himself the victim of a terrorist explosion.

A piece of shrapnel the size of thumbnail entered just below his left eye socket and, having got a lift straight to hospital in a passing tuk-tuk, Gavin was immediately operated on. The offending object was so embedded in his face that the surgeon did not dare to remove it for fear of damaging nerves serving the eye or causing weakness in the face muscles resulting in a permanent and visible drooping of the face.

This little companion does not prevent Gavin from getting on with his life even though he occasionally suffers violent body shakes – partly though nerve damage and partly through psychological trauma. Furthermore, his problems could have been a lot worse if he had ended up having to foot the bill of over US$2,000 for his treatment as a result of having inadequate international PMI cover.

Gavin was covered by one of William Russell’s Global Health plans, which provide comprehensive cover as long as policyholders are not in war zones listed on the Foreign Office’s “don’t go to” list (such as Iraq or Afghanistan) and do not participate in terrorist activity. Many other international PMI providers limit the amount they will cover if policyholders are innocently caught up in a terrorist attack and some do not provide protection at all.

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