Association of Medical Insurance Intermediaries

I am self motivated as a person. I want to win in everything I do and have an expectation my business does the same. We all spend too much time at work not to enjoy it, so I try to do everything with a smile on my face, although my children think I’m the next Victor Meldrew!

Do you work with introducers and how?

Working with introducers is a key part of our distribution strategy. Our

Source: RGA UK Services Ltd

relationship with our introducer intermediaries varies. Some just refer the occasional case where they do not feel they have the expertise. Others consider us to be their strategic partners in the health and wellbeing area.

What in your view is the key issue in PMI market today?

Advances in the pharmaceutical industry mean that life is sustainable for many patients suffering from cancer, who would previously have died, which is fantastic. However, the cost of some of these drugs makes it unsustainable in both the private and NHS sectors for us to fund them for all those who would benefit. Finding a solution is possibly the biggest challenge currently being faced in the PMI market today.

Who in the PMI industry do you most admire and why?

I admire our MD, Jan Lawson. She is a single minded lady, who together with Peter Bye, has grown PHP to become one of the top ten PMI brokerages in the UK from humble beginnings. I respect a number of people on both the provider and intermediary side of the industry, but I won’t embarrass them by putting their names in print! Generally, I like positive people with a can do attitude, I’ve not got a lot of time for whingers.

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