PPI complaints still top ombudsman's workload as disputes over other protection products flatline

Over 30,000 complaints about PPI in Q3

Complaints about payment protection insurance (PPI) once again made up for the lion’s share of work for the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) in the third quarter of last year as disputes over other protection products showed few signs of seasonal variation.

Figures published today show that the FOS received 30,301 complaints about PPI between October and December of last year, up from 19,259 in Q2 but down from 56,025 in Q1.

There was little change in the volume of complaints about other protection products, however. Complaints about whole-of-life products numbered 519 in Q3 (Q2: 596; Q3: 393); term assurance complaints were 352 in Q3 (Q2: 344; Q1: 194); income protection complaints were 227 in Q3 (Q2: 211; Q1: 179); and private medical insurance complaints were 122 in Q3 (Q2: 150; Q1: 95).

The full data set from the FOS can be accessed here.

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