Medicash adds EAP benefits to corporate cash plans

Introducing managers’ helpline and stress programme

Medicash has introduced a number of Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) benefits to its corporate cash plans.

All Medicash corporate plans with built-in EAPS will now provide members with access to additional features, including a managers’ support helpline, and a day-one stress intervention programme.

Members will also have access to local face-to-face counselling, an information helpline covering legal, financial and housing issues, an enhanced debt management service and post trauma support for critical incidents.

The new EAP will be provided by Right Management Workplace Wellness.

Sue Weir, chief executive officer of Medicash, said the firm is particularly excited to introduce its stress intervention programme, which it expects to be popular with employers.

She said: “Stress is now the number one cause of long-term absence in the workplace and the new stress service will provide employers with a proactive programme of support for employees who have presented stress as a contributing factor to their absence or as part of their statement of fitness for work.

“This service not only provides the most appropriate support for the employee, but will also help to significantly reduce the length and cost of long-term stress-related absence.”

Some other cash plan providers also offer similar support services to members.

For example, Perfect Health’s Cash Plan Plus offers a 24/7 health and medical information and counselling helpline.

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