UK workers demand access to dental schemes

Clear appetite for access to benefit through workplace

Almost a third of the working population who are not offered access to a dental plan through their employer would like to be, according to figures published today.

However, fewer than one in five (18%) British workers are offered access to some form of dental plan by their employer, according to the survey of over 2,000 workers, carried out by YouGov.

The research also suggests that a key motivation for employees taking out a dental plan include offering value for money, making treatment costs more affordable and being able to use it regularly.

The study, carried out for Cigna UK, also found that over 70% of the population have visited the dentist in the past 12 months.

The figures follow separate research which suggests that a large number of workers struggle to take time off work to visit their dentist.

The survey for the British Dental Health Foundation suggests that less than half – 43% – of the UK workforce is allowed to take paid time off work to visit their dentist

The British Dental Health Foundation said that many workers end up developing problems that in fact mean they have to take even more time off work in the end.

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