Another member for health insurance fraud-prevention group

Health Shield now a member of Health Insurance Counter Fraud Group

Health Shield has joined forces with a group of leading providers in a bid to tackle healthcare fraud.

The friendly society has become a member of the Health Insurance Counter Fraud Group (HICFG), which aims to crack down on fraud through joint working and intelligence sharing.

It provides members with a platform through which to share information in order to prevent and detect fraudulent behaviour in the healthcare market, while members also meet regularly to discuss issues such as medical negligence and scams.

Jonathan Burton, chief executive of Health Shield, said: "Our members’ interests are always at the forefront of everything that we do. We are acutely aware that the widespread issue of fraud within the industry can impact heavily upon them if decisive action is not taken against the problem."

The move follows the decision by Health Shield earlier this year to remove any member who attempts to make a fraudulent claim.

Melanie Price, claims manager at Health Shield, said: “We believe it is essential to tackle fraudulent behaviour head on, in order to ensure the majority of our members do not suffer because of certain individuals abusing the system.”

The HICFG is subscribed to by 29 health-related insurance companies, including 10 of the largest private medical insurers.

The body's membership was extended to cash plan providers in 2010. In the same year, Westfield Health introduced a system for monitoring claims so that any which looked abnormal were flagged up immediately.

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