Flexible benefits schemes have traditionally been offered by only a small number of employers. Sam Barrett assesses the potential for market growth and outlines some potential pitfalls

  • Protection hang-ups

  • Short-changed

    Budget cash plans might seem attractive at first, but they can leave many people feeling disappointed when they come to claim, as Emily Perryman reports

  • Labour pains

    Former Health Insurance editor Moira O’Neill looks at how PMI providers are struggling to deal with the complex issue of pregnancy

  • Rehab-innovation

  • Desert storm

    The Gulf States is a key market for brokers selling international private medical insurance to expats. But ongoing legislative changes could see this business suddenly evaporate in the Middle-Eastern sun, Harvey Jones suggests

  • Member Profile: Colin Boxall, e-xcellenthealth

  • SOAPBOX Ingrid Skoglund, managing director, Benefits for Business

  • Bring on the bling

    Cash plan providers are starting to attract more interest from intermediaries by adding extra benefits to their offerings. Edmund Tirbutt investigates

  • Home and away

    International private medical insurance policies can be the perfect solution for UK-based advisers looking to meet the needs of their high net worth clients. Harvey Jones reports