• Working with the media

    Being media savvy could help intermediaries to grow and develop their businesses

  • Cleaning up?

    Despite improvements in NHS waits and hospital infections, are consumers still turning to medical insurance for peace of mind? Sam Barrett reports

  • Private pills for public ills

    Rising levels of sickness absence in the public sector could open up more opportunities for insurance-based solutions. Sam Barrett reports

  • Sitting comfortably

    With the NHS dental crisis deepening, the private sector has never been in a better position. Edmund Tirbutt reports

  • An uphill battle

    The income protection market is still riddled with inconsistencies – definitions of disability, deferred periods, occupation classes, to name but a few. Emily Perryman asks if it is time for industry consensus

  • Self help

    The need for health insurance and protection becomes even greater when a client is self-employed. Emily Perryman finds out what products are on offer

  • The US: land of opportunity?

    The complexity of US legislation can be a turn off for many international PMI brokers. But as one of the top 10 destinations for British expats, they could be missing out on a significant source of revenue. Emily Perryman reports

  • From the cradle to the grave?

    Welfare reform means that employers will soon have a far greater responsibility to look after the health and wellbeing of their workforce. But are the slight service level improvements being witnessed in the group risk sector enough to help them on their way? Edmund Tirbutt reports

  • Menu Mania

    Menu plans are a simple way of managing a client’s protection needs, but is technology holding them back? Emily Perryman investigates

  • 2050: health insurance in tomorrow’s world

    What will the world of PMI look like in the future? Harvey Jones makes some predictions