• The Health & Protection Book 2011

    Key contacts, product comparison tables and analysis - it's all here

  • Cash plans: The employee take-up conundrum

    Offering cash plans on a voluntary basis is one way for employees to save money on healthcare. Emily Perryman looks at ways of maximising take-up

  • In focus: critical illness

    A slump in the mortgage market is just one of many problems facing critical illness providers at the moment. However, Edmund Tirbutt discovers that insurers are as busy as ever trying to make the product more attractive for your clients

  • International PMI: Insurers, MGUs, MGAs – who’s looking after your client?

    Some international private medical insurance providers are insurers in their own right, while some are managing general agents. Emily Perryman outlines some of the key differences

  • Individual Income Protection: The claims stats debate

    After years of requests from advisers and with a landmark consensus on methodology finally in place, insurers are preparing to release their income protection claims statistics. Madeleine Davies reports

  • Individual/SME PMI: PMI commission clubs

    Intermediaries who only sell small volumes of private medical insurance are increasingly being tempted by the lure of commission clubs. Emily Perryman weighs up their pros and cons

  • In Focus: Dental insurance

    With NHS dentistry coming under increasing financial pressures, it seems inevitable that more employers and individuals will have to consider the benefits of dental cover. The question, as Edmund Tirbutt reports, is ‘when?’

  • Price vs service: Individual PMI

    In the third instalment of her investigation into the client priorities shaping the market, Emily Perryman turns her attention to individual PMI

  • International PMI: The local national dilemma

    With brokers reporting a growth in requests for healthcare packages covering local nationals as well as expatriate employees, Madeleine Davies investigates how insurers are navigating a “regulatory minefield”.

  • In focus: Group risk 2010

    Following a year of market upheaval and looking ahead to one of legislative change and potential price increases, Edmund Tirbutt asks what intermediaries can expect from group risk providers in 2010.

  • In focus: SME private medical insurance

    The small company sector of the PMI industry has always been a competitive one, but the past year has been particularly fierce. Edmund Tirbutt carries out our annual overview of broker and provider SME sentiment.

  • PMI and gym benefits

    Hospital groups and insurers have been showing an increasing interest in the relationship between gyms and consumer and employer attitudes to healthcare. Emily Perryman looks at some of the recent trends

  • Dental benefits - Can they actually save employers money?

    With most employers looking to cut at least some of their benefits spend, David Sawers discovers that dental should be one of the core perks that businesses keep in place

  • Price v Service - Group risk

    Following last month’s snapshot of adviser sentiment in the world of individual protection, Emily Perryman asks group risk specialists what’s more important to their clients at the moment – price or service

  • Price v Service - individual protection

    In the first in a series of articles looking at adviser and insurer attitudes to pricing and underwriting, Emily Perryman looks at the driving factors shaping the individual protection market